Body Contouring


Coolsculpting is a unique method of fat destruction using cold temperature. The area to be treated (abdomen, flanks, back, chin, knees, and inner/outer thighs) is drawn into a suction applicator and the area is cooled. The treatment is well tolerated, completely non-invasive, and takes about an hour per area. A minimum of 20% of fat cells are destroyed in each session. You can return to normal activities immediately, and other than some temporary minor bruising, tingling and numbness, side effects are rare.

Our clinic was the research center for utilizing Coolscupting on new areas of the body such as inner thighs and flanks. Our clinic discovered using massaging techniques post Coolscupting treatments to increase fat destruction. The massaging technique destroyed more fat cells resulting in an overall higher reduction of fat cells. Clinical studies were conducted in our office to determine the efficacy of massage post Coolsculpting treatment. Please see the attached published study articles below.

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