Nose and Throat with Laser

Tonsil infection & Nasal Obstruction

Tonsil Infection – Chronic Tonsillitis often produces “pellets” of white cheesy material from the tonsil pits and pockets. These are often mistaken for trapped foul-smelling food particles. The “pellets” have a very disagreeable smell and can lead to chronic halitosis (bad breath). This condition can now be alleviated by doing laser treatments to the tonsils. The laser partially vaporizes the tonsil tissue in one or more treatments to prevent the formation of the particles. Complete tonsillectomy for recurrent acute tonsillitis and strep throat is also performed with laser but this is done in hospital under a general anaesthetic similar to conventional surgery.

Nasal Obstruction– Chronic Nasal Obstruction can be due to swelling of the membranes in the nose. Medically this is referred to as Chronic Rhinitis. Generally patients complain of “sinus congestion” and until now not much could be done to give patients relief from this condition. There are baffle-like structures in our noses on the side walls called the turbinates. A side-firing laser probe can treat the entire length of the turbinates. This reduces the size of these structures thereby opening up the airway obstruction to air flow and the sensation of congestion.