Body Contouring


UltraShape Product Photo (US) - Hi Res


Slim down those stubborn diet & exercise resistant bulges with this comfortable focused ultrasound device. The UltraShape is a non-invasive body contouring procedure to treat areas of fat on the stomach, hips and thighs. Clinical studies have shown 94% satisfaction with Ultrashape. The Ultrashape can ALSO be used with the VelaShape to enhance and further improve the appearance of cellulite in some cases.

How does UltraShape work?

The UltraShape uses mechanical focused ultrasound energy to destroy the walls of fat cells. Once the walls are destroyed, fat is released in the form of triglycerides, leaving the surrounding tissues, nerves and muscles unharmed. Triglycerides are therefore processed through the liver and naturally eliminated from the body.

How does UltraShape feel?

UltraShape is a comfortable treatment with mild vibration sensations. There is no downtime or discomfort.

How many treatments to I need?

Patients usually need a minimum of 3 treatments. Treatments typically are one hour in length with minimal discomfort.

Please visit Jennifer Wasilenchuk or Amy Kounalakis during a complimentary consultation. Their years of expertise and experience can educate you on non-invasive body contouring and they can also assess what it can do for YOU!

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