Product Pick Of The Week


Staff: Alyssa

Product: Luxe Liquid Foundation in Procelain



“Hi there! My name is Alyssa, I am one of the medical office assistants here at Arbutus Laser, and the Luxe Liquid Foundation is one of my absolute favourite products! I have very sensitive and dry skin and have always hated the feeling of wearing any type of makeup, not to mention any dry flakes that makeup emphasizes on my face, but the Luxe is so fluid and light weight that you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. It is also sheer enough that you can use a minimal amount to get a more natural even skin tone or you can build on it to get fuller coverage for a night out on the town. As an added bonus it has a built in SPF 18 and is blended with Vitamin A, C & E to protect against environmental damage of the skin, and is certified PETA cruelty-free!”


Product Pick Of The Week


Staff: Juli

Product: Skin Firming Gel-Cream (Reversa)

Hi! Juli here, director of Hair Removal Services. Next to EMLA, which is a topical anesthetic that makes my job easier, Reversa skin firming gel-cream is my favourite product in the office. It took Miko (our skin technician) a decade to convince me that my skin was “environmentally challenged” (politically correct aestetician-speak for “your skin looks old” haha). This moisturizer is very light, I use it every morning, and it doesn’t make me feel like my skin is all slimy. I like my skin better at 50 than I did at 30, and I’ve also gotten all of my friends addicted to “the pink stuff”!

Product Pick Of The Week


Staff: Miko

Product(s): Tazorac, C E Peptides (Vivier), Tizo3

Meet Miko! She’s the head of our skin department who has been one of our laser technicians for the past 15 years, so when we asked her to pick her absolute favourite product she couldn’t narrow it down any more than this. She has normal to dry and sensitive skin and she feels that these three products work so well together to show improvement in skin health, brightness, and clarity. She uses all three every day of the year. The vitamin C (C E Peptides) helps to fight against free radicals, which cause healthy cells to breakdown. The Tazorac helps to keep her skin exfoliated without needing to use a physical scrub, which would be too aggressive for her sensitive skin. It also helps to build collagen for a thicker, plumper looking skin (& who doesn’t love that?!). To top it all off she loves the Tizo3 SPF, and because it is a mineral sunscreen it doesn’t cause her to breakout. The sheer universal tint and the soft, smooth, silky finish are perfect for everyday application, as a base underneath makeup, or worn alone for a natural glow!

Product Pick Of The Week

Staff: Kim

Product: Tizo Lip Protection SPF 45

“Hi! I’m Kim, I am one of the medical office assistants at the front desk, and my favourite product is the Solar Tizo Lip Protection. I love that it has an SPF of 45 and a slight nude tint so it gives me that extra bit of colour and doesn’t have a weird taste like so many other chap sticks I have tried. I use it every day and put on extra if I am out biking or walking, and definitely before all of my selfies!”

Product Pick Of The Week


“I love this serum because it brightens my skin and gives it a healthy glow!”

Staff: Mimi

Product: Phloretin CF (Skinceuticals)

Mimi, our skin and vein nurse, uses Phloretin CF every morning. This Vitamin C caters to oilier skin types, and apart from neutralizing free radical damage and preventing aging, it boosts your skin’s natural SPF factor! Simply apply 2-3 drops of the Phloretin CF onto a freshly washed face in the morning, apply your moisturizer and sunscreen on top and you’re set!

Product Pick Of The Week


Staff: Amy

Product: Gly-Clear Cleanser (Celazome)

Meet Amy! She is a laser technician in both our hair removal and body contouring departments, and her favourite product is the Gly-Clear Cleanser. Her skin type ranges from normal to oily so she finds that it is a great way to exfoliate her skin making it look bright and fresh every day! I usually use it in the morning on dry skin and leave it on for two minutes before rinsing it off and applying other products.

Product Pick Of The Week


Staff: Kristal

Product: H.A. Intensifier (Skinceuticals)

“Hi, my name is Kristal and I am one of the Medical Office Assistants here at Arbutus Laser Centre. My favourite product is Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier. I have dry skin and am always searching for that dewy glow and this serum gives me everything I need! I use one pipette all over my face, eyes, and neck every morning and night right after using my cleanser.”