Tattoo and Pigmentation

Ruby laser (Q-Switched)

The Ruby Laser was one of the first lasers used in medicine. With advances in technology, this laser is used to selectively destroy pigment in the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue or outer layer of the skin (epidermis).

Medlite laser (Q-switched YAG)

The Medlite laser is complimentary to the Ruby, and is also used to remove professional, amateur, and traumatic tattoos, other pigmented lesions such as age spots and freckles, and some birthmarks. Another use is for temporary hair removal and the treatment of wrinkles without removing the skin (non-ablative resurfacing).

Picoway laser by Syneron/Candela

The Pico laser was created using dual wavelengths and a very short pulse duration (pico second) to treat tattoos and a wide range of pigmentation disorders. They are designed to safely and selectively destroy pigment in the skin using an intense pulse of laser light without damaging the skin itself.

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