Skin Treatments

Port wine stains

A Port Wine hemangioma is an abnormal collection or network of blood vessels present beneath a layer of otherwise normal skin. The skin appears as a red, pink, or purple wine stain on the skin, hence the name “port wine stain” hemangioma.

The Pulsed Dye laser is still the internationally accepted treatment of choice for this congenital type of birthmark. It utilizes selective photothermolysis (selective reduction of red tissue only without damaging the skin).

After the test area is evaluated, treatment may begin. The procedure is relatively painless and may be given at any age. For some resistant areas, other lasers such as the KTP and long-pulsed YAG lasers are used. Multiple treatments are required, and complete removal is not always possible.

Referrals from a physician are necessary for consultation of port wine stains. Please call 604-731-5512 for more information.