Hair Removal

Our clinic has used over a dozen different devices for laser hair removal since 1996 (See below for details) and we currently house a number of machines that are capable of laser hair removal. Candela (Syneron/Candela) equipment has been the backbone of this part of our facility for more than 15 years.

Experience with these lasers:

  • Palomar Epilaser
  • Cool Glide
  • Comet 810nm
  • LightSheer
  • Aurora (IPL) ELOS
  • LYRA
  • Epilight
  • Q-switched YAG 1064nm
  • Gemini 1064nm
  • Gentlelase- CANDELA
  • Mini Gentlelase- CANDELA
  • Gentleyag- CANDELA
  • GentleMax Pro- SYNERON/CANDELA


A long-pulse Alexandrite and the work horse in our facility. It is, arguably, the most effective wavelength in the marketplace for hair removal.


A long-pulse Nd-YAG designed to be safer on darker skin types and is more forgiving of tans.


This device is Candela’s newest incarnation and the most powerful in its class. We are now able to more cost-effectively and quickly treat large areas such as the back, chest, and legs. We can also do low-energy temporary hair removal quickly and affordably.