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Problem Hair Growth

Problem Hair Growth

Problem Hair Growth

At Arbutus Laser Centre, we understand that hair growth issues can be more than just a cosmetic concern; they often intermingle with personal confidence and overall well-being. Since permanent hair reduction lasers came to market in 1996, we’ve been committed to providing advanced, tailored solutions that address varied hair growth problems, using the latest technologies and methods. Our expert team of Hair Removal specialists, including Electrologists, combine innovative technology with deep expertise. We understand the freedom that comes with eliminating problem hair growth and we promise that you will not find a more committed team of professionals in this arena. Consultations with our Award winning Laser Hair Removal team are complimentary.

Unwanted Hair

Problem hair growth is often biologically normal growth that is simply inconvenient or, unwanted hair can develop as a result of numerous issues, such as hormonal changes and imbalances, genetics, and a variety of medical conditions. Temporary solutions like shaving, tweezing or waxing will often cause additional skin concerns and unwanted hair can be a source of self-consciousness. However, modern technology provides us with effective and lasting solutions.


We use the most powerful and adjustable lasers in their class to target hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth and offering long-term results: Hair grows cyclically, and the best way to eradicate it efficiently is to treat it cyclically. We will always attempt to schedule sessions in order to maximize the treatment of as many active follicles as possible.

Laser Hair Removal: Employing selective photothermolysis, our goal is to efficiently target hair follicles without compromising the surrounding skin. Suitable for almost all skin types, we harness the full spectrum of available wavelengths to provide the most effective solutions possible for unwanted hair.

Electrolysis: Our Hair Removal team consists of several trained Electrologists and we always strive to help you make informed decisions about the right approach for dealing with your problem hair growth. Electrolysis is often a more suitable choice for lighter, finer growth or depigmented (white) hairs and we will not hesitate to refer you for this service when appropriate. We do not currently perform Electrolysis at our facility.

What You Can Expect:

Your initial consultation will involve an assessment of the desired treatment area(s) and a full discussion of your unique considerations, expectations, as well as cost and number of sessions likely needed for satisfactory results. Test patches (for safety) may be done at time of consultation, or prior to treatment at a later date.

We do not sell packages for Laser Hair Removal as it is always our goal to achieve the best results possible in as few sessions as possible. Sessions are billed on a visit by visit basis and cost considerations depend on the extent of the treatment area(s). Every Body is unique and quotes given will also vary from person to person depending on the extent of work and time taken.

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Ingrown Hairs / Folliculitis / Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

These conditions are commonly characterized by inflamed hair follicles, clogged pores, and bacterial infections. Shaving and waxing will often aggravate these situations. Beyond aesthetic concerns, they can be uncomfortable and painful.


At Arbutus Laser Centre, we adopt a dual approach—addressing both the cause and symptoms:

Laser Treatments: By targeting the problem hair follicles, laser treatments can reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, allow the skin time to heal and minimize the risk of subsequent inflammation. Fewer hairs, fewer ingrown hairs!

Topical Solutions: To manage and prevent further complications, our team may recommend specific solutions to reduce inflammation and tackle infections.

What You Can Expect:

After evaluating the severity of your condition, we’ll tailor a treatment plan, which may involve a combination of laser sessions and topical treatments.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

HS is a painful, chronic skin condition characterized by abscesses and tunnels under the skin, often in areas where the skin rubs together. Its management requires specialized care due to its recurrent and progressive nature.


Understanding the complexity of HS, we provide comprehensive treatments and although Laser Hair Removal does not cure the underlying syndrome, our HS patients are generally very pleased at the reduction in inflammation resulting from successful hair removal. We may also be able to recommend additional therapies to reduce visible scarring.

What You Can Expect:

Given the intricacy of HS, your consultation will be thorough, ensuring we understand the extent of the condition and your previous treatment history, if any.

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