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Skin Rejuvenation & Resurfacing


At Arbutus Laser, we have been at the forefront of laser and resurfacing treatments since they were first introduced in the early 90’s. Our extensive experience and expertise with energy devices allow us to provide exceptional results for our patients.

We purchased the very first PicoWay® Laser in 2015 to add to our devices for tattoo removal. It has now become our first choice of laser for tattoo removal due to its efficacy and efficiency in delivering faster results for our patients. It has also proven its effectiveness in removing pigmented lesions, improving scars and stimulating collagen production in the skin.

Our highly skilled team has undergone extensive training in laser and resurfacing treatments and stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. We have literally performed thousands of treatments. When you choose Arbutus Laser for your treatments, you can trust that you are in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your desired skin goals.

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WHAT IS the PicoWay® Laser?

The PicoWay® laser is created with multiple wavelengths which delivers high peak power and the shortest pulse durations for a non-thermal, photoacoustic effect that causes controlled damage under the skin leaving the epidermis (outer skin) intact.
There are several different handpieces for this device which expands its ability to safely and selectively destroy different shades of pigment in the skin without damaging the skin itself.
For tattoo removal, the significance of picoseconds lies in their ability to produce extremely short bursts of energy. This ultra-fast pulse duration allows the PicoWay® Laser to target tattoo ink particles more effectively, breaking them down into smaller fragments.
This advanced technology enables PicoWay® to achieve better results in tattoo removal compared to traditional lasers.

Areas of treatment & benefits include:



Pigmentation - Sun Spot



Pigmentation - Sun Spot


15 – 45 minutes depending on treatment area and concern.


1-7 days


vary depending on concern being treated


varies depending on concern being treated


mild to managed depending on the condition being treated.

Our Approach to PicoWay® Lasers

With 3 different specialised hand-pieces (532nm, 785nm & 1064nm), our PicoWay® Laser is one of the most efficient and versatile devices in our facility.

The Alexandrite hand-piece emits a wavelength of 785 nanometers, making it highly effective for targeting melanin in the skin. The Alexandrite hand-piece can be used to treat pigmented lesions, sunspots, and freckles, as well as green and red tattoo ink.

The Nd:YAG hand-piece produces a longer wavelength of 1064 nanometers, making it suitable for treating deeper skin tones. It is versatile for individuals with darker skin types and can also address overall skin toning (Picotoning) by stimulating collagen. This wavelength is the workhorse for our most common, darker (black/blue) tattoos.

In addition, this multi-modality platform offers two picosecond fractionated handpieces. One 1064nm fractionated handpiece and one 532nm fractionated handpiece. These are called the PicoWay® Resolve hand-pieces and they are designed for skin resurfacing. They are effective in smoothing out skin texture such as fine lines, crepiness, and acne scarring while stimulating collagen production, minimizing pore size and evening out the skin complexion. The Picoway® Resolve is safe for all skin types.

For tattoo removal, fading can occur after the first few weeks to months. However, complete tattoo removal usually requires multiple sessions spaced at least 8 weeks apart. The number of sessions needed will depend on factors such as the size, colour(s), and depth of the ink.

For skin regeneration & pigment concerns, results can be achieved in as little as one session, however, multiple sessions may be required to achieve desired outcomes.

PicoToning builds collagen and can be incorporated monthly as part of an ongoing skin regeneration routine.


Sun exposure should be avoided both before and after treatment. Expect multiple sessions for tattoo removal. Maintenance treatments are beneficial for skin rejuvenation.


It is always our goal to provide excellent value for this service with highly skilled providers at industry average pricing. Pricing for the PicoWay® laser will vary based on the treatment area and the concerns being treated. The minimum charge for tattoo removal is $150 and for other skin conditions is $250 per session.

Arbutus Laser Centre offers a wide range of laser devices and treatments. Different types of lasers have slightly different attributes, and our team will consult with you on the best choices for your specific needs.

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Q: Can the PicoWay® Laser treat all ink colours in tattoos?

A: Yes, the PicoWay® Laser can effectively target a wide range of tattoo ink colours, including shades like green and red.

Q: Is the PicoWay® Laser safe for darker skin tones?

A: Yes, the PicoWay® Laser is safe for use on all skin types.

Q: Can the PicoWay® Laser be used for scar treatment?

A: Yes, the PicoWay® Laser can improve the appearance of scars.

Q: Does the PicoWay® Laser require a long recovery period?

A: This depends on the condition being treated. Usually not, most patients can resume their regular activities 1-2 days after the procedure, however, redness, crusting and swelling time will vary depending on what is being treated.

Q: Can the PicoWay® Laser address sun-induced skin damage?

A: Yes, the PicoWay® Laser can target sunspots, age spots, and other signs of sun-induced skin damage, helping to restore a more even skin tone.

Q: How many sessions are usually needed for skin rejuvenation?

The number of PicoWay® Laser sessions for skin rejuvenation may vary, but most patients achieve noticeable improvements after a series of 3 to 5 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. PicoToning can be done monthly as an ongoing maintenance procedure.

Q: Can the PicoWay® Laser treat melasma?

A: Yes, the PicoWay® Laser can improve melasma. Multiple treatments are usually needed and topical creams will mostly be used in conjunction.