CO2 Laser (cutting mode)

This laser can be highly focused and is strongly absorbed in any tissue containing water. We typically treat snoring, and nasal and tonsil obstruction with the CO2 laser. In the “cutting” mode, it is able to make relatively bloodless incisions. In the scanned mode, this laser is also used to resurface the skin and skin lesions.

LED light (GentleWaves)

This device uses painless LED light to improve skin appearance through the process of photomodulation. It alters both collagen destruction and synthesis in a positive way, and can be used in any skin type. Besides helping fine lines, veins and pigment, it can also help reverse skin damage from bad burns, radiation, and the redness that can occur from other more aggressive laser treatments.

Smooth Beam Diode Laser

This solid-state laser was first used for the treatments of wrinkles, especially around the eyes, but was also found to be effective in the treatment of acne, acne scars, and sebaceous hyperplasia. Usually 3-6 treatments are needed, and there is minimal or no down-time.

Zimmer chiller

This cold air device is designed minimize pain and thermal injury before, during and/or after superficial laser procedures with out interfering with the laser beams. We have multiple zimmer devices to meets the demands of the lasers in the clinic.

Zimmer Wave

Mainly used for post Coolsculpting procedures, this radial pulse therapy delivers comfortable pulses evenly over the treated area to increase the efficacy of the Coolsculpting treatment. This device replaces manual vigorous massage, has no downtime and is painless.